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feeding your cellphone needs

god of ストロベリー
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feeding your cellphone needs
Welcome to kami no ichigoRULESSteps for using the themeLINKS

is a community for your cellphones.

We make J-Pop and K-Pop long live together

We offer:
- Cellphone themes
- Cellphone wallpapers
- Ringtones
- Phone Video

We also accept requests :)

All members please read.

Open membership
- Open to all J-Pop and K-Pop fangirls-fanboys
- Join to see all posts.
- All members allowed to post
- News post being moderated before posted to the community
- Post only related things
- Posting unrelated things may include removal of posting access.
- Preview for the themes and animated wallpaper must be 100px in width.
- You can x-post your works here or give a link to your lj.
- All post WILL be members lock for one or two weeks
- COMMENT if you taking someones graphic, it give us courage to make more

1. Try to download it.
2. After downloading the file, try to save it on your phone.

There are ways to save it on your phone:
1. If you have a usb cable for your phone. You can transfer the file easily.
2. If you dont have a usb cable, then try to use a card reader. (If your cellphone has a memory card)
3. If you dont have a usb cable or card reader, then ask someone who have them. Ask them to download it for you. Then use bluetooth, infrared and etc. to transfer the file to your phone.

3. After saving it on your phone, find the file on your phone. Then, open it and apply the theme.
4. You will see the theme on your phone. Enjoy the theme!!

Mod: Rin

Mod: Ciara

Mod: Ninillie

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